Jeep strikes back with the new Wrangler Polar Limited Edition

Jeep has not taken a break! If anyone wonders, the company has been preparing the latest Wrangler Polar model which will come in limited edition and will firstly be presented, of course, at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The American car manufacturer is planning to launch this new version which features a lot of aesthetic changes, on the interior and on the exterior too, on the European market first. So, I guess the Europeans should be privileged as there should be a special price too.

The Wrangler Polar Limited Edition looks totally different and appealing, it is going to be well known and on the wish list of many off road drivers once it will be available in showrooms. Although the exterior enhancements are quite discreet, there is an overall evident change.

Inspired from the previous look of the Wrangler Sahara version, the Wrangler Polar Limited Edition has a lot of personal design features which also include a brand new Gloss Black front grille with incredible smooth inflections on the lamp throats and paint finish in Hydro Blue shade. The new vehicle will also be available in three brand new, attractive shades: Bright White, Billet silver Metallic and Bright White.

It might be very easy to observe that the Wrangler looks a bit different than all of the other models released by the company so far. Jeep has equipped this model with a powerdome hood which should be able to bring out the rough side of this vehicle. Several other features have been included in order to reach the same toughness: hard spare tire cover and Gloss Black 18 inch alloy wheels.

Jeep has been one of those car manufacturers that have always been able to impress through the very different interior design of the cabin. In this case, black leather seats have been chosen, paired with smooth Pear White stitching which will include the “Polar” logo. The steering wheels will come up in black leather with the same Pearl White accents which refer to the name chosen for the vehicle.

The overall interior design theme seems to be black and white, the dashboard grab bar on the side of the passenger has been designed in Ceramic White and we have to admit that it creates a very subtle, yet stylish, look.

The new vehicle will be available in the 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine version which should be able to produce 200 hp at 3,600 rpm and 340 pf of torque. Of course, drivers will have the option to choose between manual or automatic transmission and if they would like a more powerful engine, there is always the 3.6 liter V-6 version which produces 284 hp and 256 pf of torque if paired to a five speed automatic transmission.

It seems that the main competitor of Jeep Wrangler Polar Limited Edition is the Toyota FJ Cruiser which can perform almost the same, the power figures indicating almost the same performance. However, drivers might choose Jeep as this current version comes in limited edition.

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