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Jeep Has Quite a Few Vehicle Launches in Mind

Jeep is currently working on unveiling new vehicles across a wide range. Company insiders have claimed that their top brass is currently finalizing plans to launch vehicles larger than their current flagship, the Grand Cherokee, while focusing on smaller and more affordable variants too. Jeep’s new Renegade has been received fairly well across global markets, although they are focusing solely on European and Chinese markets, as demand is fairly well in these parts.

However, their new lineup is more globally focused and hence we could be looking at Jeep going for aggressive marketing stance soon. This is the perfect opportunity for Jeep to prove to rival car makers what they are capable of and this larger SUV will be launched in Saudi Arabia and surrounding regions too. Official word is yet to arrive on any of these vehicles actually existing, although our source is quite reliable.

These vehicles will be manufactured solely on European soil, while Chrysler Fiat has a test to pass with their new model lineup. There is an immediate need to launch smaller ‘A’ segment vehicles across global markets and this cannot be overlooked. Jeep as a result is focusing solely on the needs of various global markets, as well as focusing on profit making means as well.

Off road capability should be high as people want a Jeep to be good on both asphalt and mud or dirt terrain. Their latest Renegade has answered people’s prayers effectively, as Jeep announced it’s on and off road capabilities. We are looking at Jeep as a potent rival to SUVs manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover and this scenario is set to grow hotter.

There is always room for improvement and engineers at Chrysler Fiat are working on means to improve on what they already have. Jeep has built a tradition in North America, over the years and they plan on doing exactly that in European countries too within the next few years. We are waiting for this to be a reality, as it would transmit a great deal of tension to premium segment SUV makers in Europe.

European car companies are currently fighting for space in the Chinese automotive market and this will start a new race for the Number One slot. Jeep has potential even in Europe and an Italy made Jeep will be based on the needs of European clients too. This has made the company even more desirable. Jeep is open to the idea of launching electric powered or hybrid models in the future and this could be an interesting decision for the future.

Fuel efficiency is a reason for concern as Jeep is not really known for returning maximum Miles per gallon. However, this extra expenditure is worth every penny as the experience you get while driving a Jeep cannot be compared to any other feeling in this world. Fanatics will take this vehicle both on and off road, at every opportunity. Hence, if you plan on getting yourself a Jeep, come back soon.

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