Japanese car maker Daihatsu plans to launch a revamped Materia in South Africa

Japanese car maker Daihatsu plans to launch a revamped Materia in South Africa

Japanese car makers Daihatsu is all set to launch the Materia in the South African market and the car has been revamped to suit the needs of the target market. The car has been re built and features enhanced exterior features and a much needed engine upgrade.

The Materia has an upgraded performance kit installed in the vehicle and it handles better than its predecessor, the car also has an extended wheel base and has distinctive features like smooth handling, light gear shifts and an upgraded 1.5 liter engine which has variable timing and the car is very stable, even at high speeds and it remains almost glued to the road.

The car also features an improvement in the interior space and the turbo charged inter cooled engine allow free flow performance with the help of an advanced induction system. The Daihatsu Materia has an installed unique performance chip set that enhances engine performance and throttle response along with an enhanced racing steering wheel.

The DRD – Daihatsu Racing Development – team bears the responsibility of handling all the upgrades and is in charge of further research and the Materia DRD is a limited edition vehicle to be offered by Daihatsu as an introductory measure.

The new 1.5 L engine installed in the Materia produces 110 KW which is an improvement from the earlier 76 KW produced by the predeceasing engine and torque production sis close to 195 Nm @ 4,000 RPM which has been improved by a hefty margin of 70 Nm.

The drag coefficient has been reduced by an effective margin and the engine is set to receive an increase of 0.3 bars @ 4,000 RPM boost. The car is suited for everyday commuting and the car is hugely driver friendly.
The car has also witnessed an increase in acceleration with an improvement in both the 0 – 100 km/h mark and the quarter mile mark. The figures are tempting indeed with this engine improvement, Daihatsu aims to take on many premier segment mini vans head on.

The Materia achieves its top speed of 200 km/h quite effortlessly and this sounds pretty good for any minivan in the category. The car however manages to maintain decent fuel economy of 14 km/l at the 120 km/h mark, which is a standard in all Daihatsu vehicles. This is like music in these times of increasing fuel prices and this aims to help sales.

The Materia is factory fitted with 30 mm Eibach springs and tire dimension is 205x40x17 with the car sporting 17 inch wheels as standard. The interior includes OEM finish racing steering wheel and features complete leather upholstery with contrasting colored dash board and an improved audio system for better sound clarity.

Exterior enhancements include a bonnet air inflow system which keeps the engine cool, tinted window for privacy and rear roof spoilers to increase aerodynamics. Daihatsu is the original Japanese car maker and is known for its innovations. With the launch of the new Materia the car makers have done just that and heavy sales are expected post release.

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