Jaguar XKR a masterpiece of engineering and finesse

Jaguar XKR a masterpiece of engineering and finesse

The Jaguar XKR is a pleasure for the eye. It is very well equipped with both power and stamina. It has great grace and promises great on road performance. The car has a 500 horse power engine. The car can go up to the speed of 280 kilometres per hour. The car has a wonderful V8 engine that is just breathtaking. It is supercharges and is well suited to this car.

The car can reach the speed of 100 kilometres per hour from zero in a little more than four seconds. This is due to the fact that the car has extreme power at 2,500 rotations per minute and can hold up the same performance till 5500 rotations per minute. The car comes in both coupe and also the convertible form. The convertible form is such an eye candy. The hood can open or close in a matter of twenty seconds with a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour.

The car has many unique features. The design of the car for instance, is a marvellous one. The boot of the car though short and convoluted, has a space of about 314 litres, enough to hold some luggage. The car is a two seated, with a bench at the back which can be used to store small luggage.
The car also has some other unique features such as climate control. It also has assistance for parking in both front and back directions which is assisted with an additional rear camera. It has a pretty cool navigation system and audio system also. It has a noise filter and thrilling security.
The gear control for the car is also very impressive. It does not employ any old fashioned levers. There is a knob which appears on starting the car that can be adjusted to change gear and it disappears on shutting off the engine.

The car packs a very strong chassis, an aluminium one. The chassis is very sophisticated, with a great suspension system. It also has a great braking system. The aerodynamic structure of the car and the streamlined effect both boost the speed and efficiency of the car. The car has a great interior also. It is fitted with blue lighting and most of the interior designing is done with wood and leather. The base price for this beauty is a 100,000 dollars. It is a Jaguar product and will stand up to your every expectation and will deliver more.

Some minor changes have been made to the 2012 model of the car. There are LED lightings and other minor changes. The XKR can be treated as a work of art due to its great design and wonderful interiors and killer looks.
The car promises excellent quality, stylish seats, noise cancellation, iconic design and a wonderful ride. The car is worth every penny of its price. To sum it all up, this trendy, classy, swift and gorgeous car modelled by Jaguar is going to become the heartthrob of many in recent future.

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