Jaguar Land Rover Setup new Plant in Brazil

Jaguar Land Rover Setup new Plant in Brazil

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to open up a new factory in Brazil as it is set to help its sales in the United States as well other North American markets. Land Rover has set up a new advertisement campaign in newspapers where it talks of setting up the new factory. Portuguese language speaking capability in the nation is an advantage although this is not the only reason Jaguar Land Rover decided on setting up a factory in Brazil.

With the rise in demand for SUVs in global markets, China, Russia and parts of North America have renewed their growth of vehicles Jaguar Land Rover is actually looking for a plant quality manager in Brazil, if these advertisements are believed. This was just a rumor in the past as Jaguar Land Rover refused to comment on the situation in the past.

Jaguar Land Rover may not be in the same league as that of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley or other British Brands, but it sure is in a position to sell vehicles efficiently in Brazil. Jaguar Land Rover had aggressive plans for various global markets although Brazil was not included in that list. However, we see that Brazil is as important as ever when it comes to SUVs.

Jaguar Land Rover has a few upcoming plans for major markets and it plans to take on Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz at least in terms of luxury, performance and interior space. Land Rover has a few launches within the next few years although none have been officially confirmed. Jaguar Land Rover is working on setting up factories in South Africa as well although this plan has not been confirmed as of yet.

Land Rover Free Lander is a one of a kind SUV manufacturer around the globe and their products are meant for both on and off road. Parts are set to be manufactured in Britain although the vehicles will be assembled at their respective plants in various nations. Audi has come up with a variety of sedans and coupes within the past few months and they plan on doing the same for the upcoming year.

Mercedes Benz is currently working on the GLA and C class vehicles although Jaguar Land Rover has specific targets in the market segments. Various customization options are available, including interior and exterior options although their list is yet to be finalized. We expect jaguar Land Rover to continue manufactures till 2016, post which new versions are set to be launched. Performance aspects should be considered at the moment although Jaguar Land Rover is respectable brands in their own accord.

Final details regarding launch is yet to be undertaken although we expect new variants to be available by year end. Brazil is yet some time off and the vehicles launched in the country at the moment should be exquisite along with a variety of performance aspects. We plan on keeping our users updated regarding latest news and updates. Stay tuned for latest information regarding launches and other specifications.

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