Jaguar CX17 Cross Over to be Unveiled Before 2016

Jaguar CX17 Cross Over to be Unveiled Before 2016

Jaguar’s latest SUV is all set to be available at a showroom near you, months ahead of its actual launch date, insiders have revealed. Engineers at Jaguar Land Rover, has been working extensively on this machine for quite a while now and they initially expected a launch date in 2016. However, this project is nearing completion. Hence, we could be looking at the CX17 SUV later this year.

This compact SUV is based on an all aluminum chassis, based on a rear wheel drive train. This vehicle is expected to rival Porsche’s Macan head on in class, while dynamics are similar in most aspects. Jaguar hopes to take on customers looking for a sporty ride, while cousin Land Rover is hoping to satisfy clients with luxury and off road capabilities. Jaguar has built this vehicle on a Land Rover Discovery and the larger dimensions are clearly visible.

A larger wheelbase with an extended rear overhang was showcased last year too, although numerous changes have been made on its production variant. Jaguar has dubbed their creation as a Sports Cross over and is slated to be their second largest vehicle in class, till date. Jaguar plans on enhancing their already steady flow, which figures should cross 200,000 units per year very soon.

Despite the production variant being lower than the concept, Jaguar’s CX17 is a sizeable vehicle and can be used for practical purposes. It is not too large for city use, although big enough to be termed a cross over. Jaguar was clear on its intentions of attracting the younger generation, with their official confirmation last year and this mantra has kept them moving ahead so far. Cosmopolitan men and women are Jaguar’s target for the moment, as this vehicle is tailor made for this segment.

When Jaguar showcased this SUV in its concept stages late last year, it was termed as a sporty yet refined cross over for urban use. The company seems to have delivered on their promise and we are happy with their flexibility, space and practical use. This vehicle is powered by a completely new engine lineup, which includes a range of four and six cylindered options. Official word claims Co2 emissions close to 92 g/km, along with top speeds close to 186 MPH.

These figures have been recorded in their top trim XE, while this vehicle features a set of twin turbo chargers for additional power displacement. We are yet to gain official confirmation into whether this vehicle will have an optional rear wheel drive, although all wheel drive is currently available on all variants.

We could be looking at a low powered CX17 variant, as it would mean better fuel efficiency and attract larger sales volumes in price sensitive markets. As compared to the Macan – that is based on Audi’s Q5 architecture and PDK transmission system- Jaguar holds its own, in terms of space. It is also quite different to drive, while exterior differences are quite stark. Both these vehicles however, will cater to people with completely different choices.

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