Jaguar CX-17 launched at Guangzhon Auto Show

Jaguar CX-17 launched at Guangzhon Auto Show

Jaguar unveiled their five seat SUV car in China at Guangzhon car show, Jaguar CX-17 is a compact SUV vehicle and it have five seats for its passenger. It is very first production of jaguar of sport crossover SUV with five seats. The car has highly luxurious interiors from bespoke giving a high grade quality of interior designs for CX-17. Added with latest infotainment technology in the car and have very updated versions of safety features like detection of rear exit.

The concept car of Jaguar at the auto show in China have lots of more features to sport it off, it have liquid gold color as its exterior paint. The concept car has Jaguar’s very latest and advanced technology of monocoque architecture or platform, this platform use huge amount of aluminum and it also cover lots of company’s future productions.

Launch of C-17 will start from 2015 and CX-17 will be the first car to use the monocoque architecture technology in the company. Jaguar CX-17 have 4 cylinder engine of both petrol and diesel engine which the company promises that it will be more efficient in consuming petrol and diesel without reducing the performance of the car.

Its previous version also launched in Frankfurt auto show showcasing its four seats car tinted with blue paint. But the CX-17 concept in China motor show is the first crossover concept car from Jaguar. Right now the main aim of Jaguar is to conquer the Chinese market of cars and flourish the rest of the world to pick up their sale in the market.

Previously they had launched CX17 a four seat vehicle in the Frankfurt auto show and now they modified the version and presented it as new car CX-17 concept which will start from 2015. The interior of the car is said to be inspired from British looks, it have interior designs which seems to be real, it has given a very real looks making the car very authentic and royal type.

The looks of the car are very rich and fascinating giving a classic style to the car. In the front it has that usual trade mark of a running jaguar. The target of CX series is to get and give very good competition to AUDI, BMW to conquer to the market. Jaguar has very high expectation to get the lead position in the car market. Their very first aim is to flourish the car in the Chinese market and get a very good hold on the car over there, afterwards to move to rest of the world to have better benefits.

Technologically Jaguar has made the car very efficient and modern car as per present conditions and demands of technology. The infotainment of car is hitech like it has 3D surround sound system, detection of rear exit to make the drive and its passenger a very safe ride. As for safety is demanded in the present requirement list of cars, Jaguar offers very high grade safety features.

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