Jaguar Brings Future Car 2013 XS Sedan to Compete C-Class and 3-Series

The thinking of British car manufacturing company Jaguar appears so small when it is compared with the innovative car collections of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. It is rumored that this automaker is bringing primary level segment of luxury sedan. According to sources this vehicle model will bring a knock to the recently dominated models C-Class, A-4 and 3-Series. Jaguar brand has already started their work and their designers are progressing towards the right way to bring its revelation very soon. Although its revelation date is not known to us, we hope to see it in the market at the beginning of next year.

Sources say that body styling and luxury sedan segment is not at all new to this brand. X-Type sedan from Jaguar which is an old car version from this brand had got its basis from the same platform that was used in Ford Mondeo. After the year 2009 this model Jaguar was not continued as it was not successful in the market. But this new car version has got a lot of modifications, and it is developed with ultra modern design style and strong color ascent. We hope that this future car model from Jaguar will obviously be the perfect choice for those who are really concerned about modern fashionable designs.

This future concept from Jaguar has got an exclusive body styling and exterior design. Front fascia of this car model is a little bit large than other sedans. Air intake is smartly placed on its front fascia. It is a four door car model having comfortable seating options for four passengers. Door locking system of this car model seems really great. Exterior designing has smartly represented the touch up of upgraded technologies. This car model is flat enough and has got the real expression of a sporty. Roof top has got smart start and ending with a well balanced curved metallic sheet. Eye like headlights have smartly represented its aggressiveness. Front, rear and door glasses are highly qualified and ensure glossy appearance. 2013 Jaguar SX Sedan is designed as a light weight vehicle to make it more flexible in city roads.

Alloy wheels are nicely designed to wear all-season fit tires smartly. High quality mirrors provided in left and right sides of the driving position shows back side obstacles clearly. Its aerodynamic shape is well experimented in wind tunnel to make it highly efficient against air. Its design style is enough to reduce fuel cost. Here comes the success of Jaguar engineers and designers.

More surprises come with its interior decoration. The manufacturer has not yet ensured about its interior decoration and specifications. From sources we knew that it will feature leather coated highly cushioned seats to ensure long time driving comfort. Steering wheel has also got the touch up of leather to ensure driving flexibility. High quality suspension system will be used in it to absorb all road shocks and jerking. Improved sound system and navigation system are additions to it.

Finally it can be said that the pricing of this new vehicle model will be no less than $53375. We are out of any information about its pricing and engine details. We will notify you soon with more details about 2013 Jaguar XS sedan.

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