Is this the new Alfa Romeo Giulia?

Is this the new Alfa Romeo Giulia?

It could be that the above photo the first photo of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the successor to the Alfa Romeo 159.

A sequel is planned for next year, the first mockups already driving circles around Balocco. If we are to believe the first photo, taken would be an internal presentation, then the Giulia radical break with the current design of Alfa Romeo and a lot sharper.

Giulia, the Compact platform using a modular platform that was used in the Giulietta. When Giulia was renamed Compact Wide platform for production. The wheelbase was a lot longer than that of the Giulietta, Giulia, namely to provide more room for rear passengers.

Just as with the Alfa Romeo 159 was the case, there will also come as a Giulia Berlina and Sportwagon as one. The show was scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011. That is in September / October place, so Alfisti will have a year to wait for the newest member of the Alpha family.

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