Interesting facts about 2015 Audi A4

The current version of Audi A4 vehicle has a wonderful market in US. The vehicle has been in the market since 2009. Till now people from US like the vehicle like anything. In US Audi is known as one of the bestselling car brands in the market. It is also really amazing to have a look at the features and various quality part of this particular vehicle. The replacement of the model that has been manufactured in the year 2009 is done with the Audi model in 2014. The model is really an improved version with the impact of wagon as well as a sedan. The model will also provide you with a pair of hybrids.

The brand new model of vehicle known as new Quattro is having a particular system of all wheel drive. This is the wonderful vehicle that takes the help of electricity to make an associated power at the rear wheel. You will get more detail of the vehicle once you make a visit at the Britain car magazine. German vehicle are really having a wonderful quality with regards to its engine. Today the looks of Audi brand have made each and every vehicle maker and the purchaser to glue at it.

The system of operation with regards to A4 hybrid vehicle will be different than other vehicles. The A4 hybrid will make use of the power train which has been derived from Volkswagen group. The vehicle is powered with 4 cylindrical engine of 2.0 litre capacity. The vehicle also runs on the single electrical motor system. The electrical engine is associated in between the automatic transmitter of automatic type and that of the actual engine.

You will also have some news about the utility vehicle from the range of Audi brand. The Audi Q5 model is also associated with the system which has been spoken about above. The electric motor associated with the vehicle is also associated with a peak power of 40 kilowatts. But once we speak about 2014 Audi A4, this will be known as the company’s first vehicle with Quattro all wheel mechanism. This has also a mechanism of powering the electric wheel with electricity.

The mechanical utility has been deferred. The vehicle has dynamism to use an electric motor of 50 kilowatt to run the rear wheel. It is really amazing to think about the fact that, there will be no manual transmission. Rather each of the engines will be controlled individually. This also has a mechanism to initiate stability as well as traction control. A proper control system is also associated so that the wheels do not get slip accidentally while driving.

We can also give a focus to the model of Audi for the year 2013. The vehicle is equipped with lithium ion battery pack which is actually larger than the normal size. The offer associated with the same is up to 20 miles with the electric range. Since the vehicle has such a powerful motor in the rear axle, the vehicle can also use the rear motors.

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