Initial sales Alfa Romeo Giulietta known

Initial sales Alfa Romeo Giulietta known

In Italy is the storm for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, there were already 22,000 models sold.

The new Alfa is doing well at home, is already good news, because historically the brand gets more than half of its sales on its own soil. Since its market launch three months ago, there would be in Italy for some 22,000 models sold. Tenders of the model are also gradually started: in June 1803 were registered in July 2931. And this will be some continue rising because the models are delivered have already been ordered to go to market.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is that sales are on track in Italy, already the most popular model in the C-segment to be. In July, the successor of the 147 entries with 2931 still in third place, behind the Nissan Qashqai (3036) and Volkswagen Golf (4024), but the car is given the well-filled order book well on its way to the C-segment to his counting. The success of the Giulietta is welcome news because, as always, the success of the model important for the survival of the brand. The new Alfa Romeo road into storage is clearly appreciated, hopefully the mark on this wave move up to the launch of the Giulia, the successor to the 159. Without the GT, Brera and Spider, the Alfa dealers otherwise relatively empty assist.

With the launch of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta was indeed the importance of a well-established launch weekend. During the weekend of May 23 and 22 challenged 90 000 visitors to the Italian Alfa Romeo dealer network. It was 10,000 Test runs were made and orders signed 2700. The weekend after the concept was repeated and all were in total 5000 orders in the order books. It is now still waiting for the sales from other European countries like Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Belgium. But since in Italy goes well, they probably already feel at Alfa Romeo.

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