Infiniti Q80 Inspiration: Photos And Details About The New Luxury Concept

Infiniti launched at the Paris Motor Show the Q80 Inspiration concept. It is a four-seat coupe sedan that would become the flagship of the brand.
Infiniti wants to conquer the European public with a series of models created for the Old Continent. One of them is the compact Q30, officially confirmed this summer with the elevated Rough Terrain variant, QX40 crossover.

With the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, Infiniti took another step towards the European public with a new concept. It’s called the Q80 Inspiration and was fully revealed. According to the official press release issued by the premium division of Nissan, the new Q80 is a model scheduled to become the Japanese flagship.

The new Q80 will fight in with the big names in this segment, like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. It will offer four seats and take on the silhouette of a coupe. Moreover, Infiniti promises that the new concept will be aggressive and be able to show the public that what the Asian brand is capable.

The overall dimensions recommend the model for the large luxury segment: 2052 mm length, 2027mm width, 1350 mm height and a generous wheelbase, ensuring enough room for the rear seats and it occupants.

The series version is expected in the 2016 – 2017 period, and we can expect it to be very close to the idea of a four-door luxury coupe developed on the MRA platform from partners at Mercedes.

The prototype presented in Paris will be driven by a hybrid assembly composed of a V6 petrol engine, the 3.0 liter unit being assisted by an electric unit. The propulsion system delivers 550 horsepower. Resources can only be transmitted to the rear axle or both axles when adherence is not appropriate. The propulsion solution is revolutionary given that the average consumer will be of only 5.5 liters for every 100 km travelled and emissions will reach a value of 129 g / km.

The concept’s futuristic interior is equipped with a steering wheel beveled on the bottom with very few buttons and a minimalist design that follows the trend adopted by most auto manufacturers. We also have Alcantara leather, floating center console or digital display that takes place instruments.

“Q80 Inspiration is a concept vehicle, but there is a production intent associated with it. The naming of the car indicates that something like the Q80 Inspiration will be in our portfolio of the future. This vehicle will inspire all of our future products. The Q80 Inspiration concept was born to disrupt the premium sedan category. We aim to do this with elegance, style, and emotion. The fact that we are entering this category, a challenging category from a business perspective, and to do so in such a brave fashion demonstrates Infiniti’s confidence. This is the highest portfolio entry for Infiniti and our vision is to compete with a unique approach. This car is not the traditional premium sedan” decared Francois Bancon, Infiniti vice president, introducing the car.

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