Hyundai Makes a Splash in Paris With I20 Intro

Here’s an interesting thought! Is it conceivable that the Internet may not have as much impact on our lives as we had thought. It is true that the Internet has had a huge impact on the way we communicate, socialize and buy products. However, it seems equally true that in some areas, the Internet’s impact is on par with newspapers and television.

Take the Hyundai I20, for example. Although it a sneak peek made the rounds of the Internet a couple of months ago, it looks as if potential buyers yawned and did other things at that time as the sneak look failed to arouse as much interest as some pundits had believed. Instead, the real splash and great reception for the new mini-crossover happened where the auto industry expected it to be made at the Paris auto show.

Though no one took this position exactly, it was evident from the reception the I20 received. The auto journalists who gathered in the City of Light were wowed by the new Hyundai model and its fluid design. The fluid design is a continuing part of the South Korean automaker’s commitment to its Fluidic Design 2.0.

A fluid design features lines that seem to flow naturally from one section of the vehicle to the next section, yielding not only an aerodynamically efficient body, but also one that is very art-like in style.

The new I20 lines are evolutionary extensions of other Hyundai’s corporate design plan. For example, the 2015 I20 features a more upright fascia flanked by two light pods that are an organic part of the front end design. Each light pod is set off by a row of LEDs at the bottom. There is also a new hexagonal grille. Overall, the lines flow from the new front end, opening up through the hood and fenders. The lines sweep up and through the passenger compartment and finish at a well-styled rear end. It is fluidic design at its best.

Moving to the interior, according to, the dashboard has been cantered five degrees toward the driver to improve the sight lines to the instrument panel and to improve access to the controls. The center console pod includes a seven-inch infotainment center and GPS display. The I20 also features a panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery. The interior design features bright accents and higher quality materials.

Engine choices range from two four-cylinder gas engines (1.25- and 1.4-liters, respectively), a three-cylinder, 1-liter gas engine and two diesels (1.1- and 1.4-liters). The three-cylinder engine will appear later in the year.

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