Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Set New Speed Record

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Set New Speed Record

The Hyundai Ioniq hybrid version, a prototype created for racing that is being developed by Hyundai Motor America, has set a new speed record of 253.994 km / h (157.825 mph) on the salt racetrack of Bonneville, Utah.

“We couldn’t be more proud in setting the FIA hybrid-category record with our new Ioniq hybrid,” said Mike O’Brien, Corporate and Product Planning vice president for Hyundai Motor America. “Our engineering team really pushed the limits to set this new segment benchmark while demonstrating the impressive durability of the entire Ioniq vehicle platform. We expect this will be the first of many accolades for Ioniq.”

To set this record, a number of changes have been carried out. The propulsion system saw its intake and exhaust systems optimized. The engine, transmission, and hybrid electronic control unit (ECU) was also recalibrated. The air conditioning system, and auxiliary accessories have been removed. Lastly, the Nitrous Express direct injection system with nitric oxide was controlled from the passenger compartment.

Regarding the aerodynamics, there have been some modifications here too. The front grille was taken from the Ioniq Electric model and some aerodynamic changes have been carried in the lower part of the bodywork. Also, many interior components have been removed or modified to become lighter.
In terms of safety, a roll cage was developed by Bisimoto an fitted. A safety belt system mounted in six-point, racing seats and special equipment for the pilot from the Sparco brand have likewise been added. It also benefits from a fire-extinguishing system, which is automatically activated and which disconnects the battery and safety parachute used for braking.

Also,the suspension system have seen a few changes, namely the Progress Competition coil-over suspension was added with optimized spring and ride height reduced by 100 mm. Aero wheels with low weight, covered with Goodyear Eagle tires were used.
The salt racing track at Bonneville is located in Tooele, northwest Utah, representing the largest salt field west of the Great Salt Lake Desert. The area is famous for the numerous speed records that have been set.

Hyundai Motor America’s engineering and quality group was in charge for developing this concept. “A key role of Hyundai’s engineering team in the U.S. is to thoroughly test all future vehicle prototypes to ensure they exceed the demanding expectations of our customers,” declared Mircea Gradu, Engineering and Quality director at Hyundai Motor America. “As we performed these tests on Ioniq, the engineering and quality staff became so impressed with the results that we began to wonder if we should raise our sights even higher, and the Ioniq land speed record effort was born.”

The result has been approved by FIA in the category of derived and modified hybrids compared to the series production. The model reached the maximum speed of 258.621 km / h (160.7 mph).

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (International Automobile Federation) is an association established back in 1904 with the goal of representing the interests of motoring organizations as well as motorists. The general public mostly knows FIA as the regulatory entity for quite a few racing events. They also promote road safety across the globe.

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