Hyundai ICC Fan Park

Hyundai has been known for its passion for the sport that is cricket and when it comes to the populace of India, you won’t find a more crazed and committed assortment of fans of the sport anywhere else in the world. Cricket and its avatars hold an almost holistic value amongst the denizens of India and the players are like unto deities to the people.

Tapping into this, Hyundai set up a special venue entitled ICC Fan park with the purpose of providing live screening of all ICC Twenty20 matches to cricket enthusiasts in select cities across India including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, in an ecstatic environment conducive to the mania of cricket for there is no greater joy for fans of the sport to be surrounded by a fervor of their liking and not to mention the actual viewing of the matches on giant screens. The said festivities shall commence from Sept 18th and a special song Shaan, famous playback singer, with the title of Fans of Brilliance shall also be aired to act as a catalyst.

The said event will be held in different cities with the venue being as following; in Delhi it will be held in malls like NCR- Select City Walk, Ambiance Mall and Great India Palace. While Phoenix Mall, in Chennai will be the venue for said event in Mumbai and Express Avenue for Bangalore with Value Forum and Prasad Mall for Hyderabad. There will also be a chance for the fans to take part in an immensely re creative and fun filled environment which will encompass various activities pertaining to the sport such as quizzes and certain practical games with promise for prizes to be won as an added incentive for taking part. For all those that aspire to hold the T20 Trophy, they will be able to emulate the experience through an emphasized or augmented reality program.

The Executive Director of Hyundai Motors was responsible for announcement of the event and he expressed his delight at being associated with the ICC through the pact of sponsorship as well the delight that the company experiences by bringing the Hyundai ICC Fan Park to the fans of the game with hopes that the fans appreciate as well as enjoy the event. According to him it was a means for solidifying their relation to the clients and enhancing the interaction between them in a positive manner. This clearly exemplifies the zest and commitment of the company towards the sport and their innovation in utilizing the sport and the event as a basis for reaching out to the populace for baiting prospective customers and improving customer -company relations.

Hyundai also commissioned the development of a micro site entitled www. for the entirety of the World Cups running. The micro site was also presented through links in social sites like Facebook, YouTube etc and it gives a chance for 11 lucky winners to qualify for the chance of watching the World Cup live in Sri Lanka, by qualifying for the Hyundai XI. It also presents a chance for securing wins for testing of Hyundai vehicles.

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