Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 2.0 & 3.8

Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 2.0 & 3.8

Hyundai has been building a coupe since 1990. And all this time that model in the European market more than a marginal existence led. The last generation was only retired in 2009 but maybe you have not noticed. And you have nothing to miss. Agreement – in fact, the handling of the worst yet, but a Korean brand can simply use more than a front wheel drive four cylinder when it is at the viewer wants to work. This time is called the Hyundai Genesis Coupe also – which really means he is part of the rear-wheel drive family of the brand. Which also includes the Genesis sedan and the even greater Equus. Two models for the Coupe will join the summer on the Belgian market . Between the front wheels of the Genesis Coupe is a four-cylinder turbo engine or a 3.8 liter V6 212pk 303pk with. See, that’s certainly something different …

The price is not you sick. The two liters is € 32.499 from Hyundai and put it up against cars like the Audi TT , Golf GTI , Racing Citroen DS3 … And that does not mean that the equipment is skimped. A leather interior, stability and traction control, cruise control, 19-inch wheels, trunk spoiler, heated seats and – not least – a Torssen limited-slip differential for the rear axle are all standard. But actually, the V6 is more interesting. Which is in the catalog from € 35.999, which means he almost € 5,000 cheaper than direct competitors with more than 300hp. You must of course be reconciled with the fiscal capacity of 19pk (11 for two liters), the average consumption of 10.3 l/100km (2.0: 9.2) or CO2 emissions 246gr/km (2.0: 220).

The price is of course not entirely unexpected. Park the Genesis Coupe alongside German competition and see the difference in materials. The Hyundai however cared enough to (just) to stay under the radar. It also supports additional seating and neat as the Coupe now mature dimensions (4.63 m long, 1.83 m wide, 1.36 m high) you can actually use the back. Only a depth adjustment for the steering wheel would be a real value. The case 332l lust and that is respectable.

For the European market underwent some technical adjustments Genesis. He now has ventilated disc brakes all around and a special suspension tuning and steering. Filtering was not uncomfortable to be effective, the brakes and while it amply send some calling inaccurate at high speeds quickly get used to the feeling. Tempo create a winding track, the stability control engaged. Switch from you, then you can take full advantage of the limited-slip differential that leaving the fan winged ass some form of accountability grants. The two liters has been playing a lot of fun and always feels faster than it is reality (212km / h top speed, 0 – 100km / h in 7.9 s). The V6 performs obviously better (top: 240km / h, 0 – 100km / h in 6.4 s) but is especially recommended because of the sound as a thick soup from the dual exhaust system is run. And because he has enough power for the Genesis Coupe a dangerous, adventurous side to indicate that you are aware if you do not give the tracks. The real numbers are not so relevant. The sixes can be an extra charge of € 2,000 if also combined with a six-speed automatic transmission that has curiously still a little bit better performance. You will then, however, almost all involved and we would not make that sacrifice.
The Genesis Coupe promises to be an exclusive appearance. Hyundai is in our country this year more than 280 pieces of wear. From 2012 and halve the annual quota.

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