Hyundai comes with a new mini EV

Hyundai comes with a new mini EV

Hyundai is adding a completely new and extremely small electric model to its line-up. The Mini EV is based on the design technology of the 45 Concept that Hyundai presented to the world public at the IAA in Frankfurt last year.

The new small electric car from Hyundai does not yet have a name, although we must admit that we are not really dealing with an actual car at all. The nameless electric child is nothing more than a jolly electric car for children. Nevertheless, Hyundai has managed to translate the design of the 45 Concept presented last year, which dries up as Ioni-q and not as Hyundai, quite successfully to the ‘walking car’.

This jolly car also has the striking pixel lighting such as the 45 Concept. Nice detail: it is painted in Performance Blue, a paint color that we mainly know from Hyundai’s N models. The small Hyundai has two electric motors that provide an eyeball-crushing top speed of 7 km/h. The driver’s seat is in the middle. Yes, just like in a McLaren F1 and McLaren Speedtail. Hyundai has not released the electrical range yet. The South Koreans will announce more about their smallest EV at a later stage. Prices and detailed technical specifications will follow later.

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