Hydrogen Fuel for Buses - Where and When This Will Happen

Hydrogen Fuel for Buses – Where and When This Will Happen

We are talking now about an electrochemical combustion based on hydrogen, which comes with the Sora model. The Sora model is thought to make an appearance at the Olympic Games in 2020.

Over the next three years Toyota will have time to prove that this concept can be build for a total of 100 units.
The propulsion system is borrowed from Toyota Mirai and is designed not only to power the bus that will be used as a public transport means, but to act as a power supply if there are areas affected by disasters.

Besides the double utility, the Sora bus has a retractable bench inside which will be activated when people with disabilities who are stationary in the wheelchair want to get on the bus.

The acceleration is controlled so that travelers will not feel discomfort and covering distances to be smooth and without problems.
The bus is equipped with 8 HD video cameras, both indoors and outdoors, to help the driver ensure that the passengers are safe. In addition, stopping in stations will be very smooth and slow, the driver will not miss a station.

That’s why travelers can get home with a smile on their lips, given that the bus is provided with a system that provides this detail, which is often not taken into account by the vehicle manufacturers that serve public transport.

The total capacity of the bus is 78 passengers as following: 22 seated and 56 standing. Rumors say a small number of Sora models will come into circulation by next year, and by 2020 there will be 100 such buses that will welcome the Olympic Games.

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