Hybrid at It's Best

Hybrid at It’s Best

When you think of a fuel efficient car, you think of a hybrid, and when you think of a hybrid you think of Prius. Well that was until you saw a BMW hybrid car driving down the streets. The German Automobile Company just launched its new Hybrid “The BMW ActiveHybrid3”. The new Gasoline and Electric hybrid vehicle is the fourth hybrid by the company and an innovative product for it’s lineup. The car is said to reach showrooms all across the USA by Fall 2012 and is expected to hit global retailers by the end of the year with a price tag of nearly $58,000

Compared to its siblings, the BMW Hybrid Active 3 series is the most affordable Hybrid one can seem to buy from the German Auto Maker. The Hybrid Active 5 series is priced at a starting price of $70,000 while the Active 7 series is priced over $130,000. The most affordable hybrid within the same range is by Toyota itself. TO be more precise it is the Lexus GS 450h which is far more pricier than the 3 series hybrid.

So who is expected to have one of these prestigious vehicles in their garage? Many critics believe that at a price range of nearly $58,000 only the most loyal BMW fans would be willing to spend that amount of money on a 3 series hybrid. Of course at fifty eight grand you can very well afford many other fuel efficient and maybe even hybrid vehicles but only the most Beamer addicted fans would be willing to invest in a hybrid luxury such as the BMW Hybrid Active 3.

Despite being a hybrid, the sedan’s specifications have yet to disappoint any one. The car is said to have V6 engine with 335 horsepower and a performing at 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds. Seems pretty good for a hybrid I think. Compared to the legendary favorite of Hybrid lovers, the Toyota Prius seems like a primitive vehicle in front of the Hybrid Active3. With nearly three times the horsepower and a much more efficient fuel system, the Toyota Prius drivers are definitely going to feel a little outdated. Of course the two cars target completely different markets so a competitor is highly unlikely.

The Hybrid Active 3 comes packed with all the BMW gizmos the luxury brand is well known for. The EcoPro mode for example is an added system in the 3 series. The system tries to being in all electric driving as far as possible, even when the engine is running. The system also takes the opportunity to automatically switch off the engine when going downhill and charge the battery. The system also tries to aim for less power train driving actions whenever possible.

Other great gadgets include the impressive navigation system, which helps you save on fuel consumption and all of the media center tools that you can find in any standard BMW 3 series. The car is expected to be a great hit in the market and follow in the footsteps of it’s successful siblings

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