Hongqi L5: Most Expensive Chinese Car Ever, Sold For 580,000 Euros

Hongqi L5: Most Expensive Chinese Car Ever, Sold For 580,000 Euros

Chinese cars, like many other products in that country, were known for their low purchase price, often associated with an inferior quality to that provided by competing products. Meanwhile, China’s auto industry has advanced, especially with foreign partners who were basically forced to team up with a manufacturer in the country to build a plant under joint venture through higher taxation of imported cars compared with domestic production, so the Chinese auto industry has come to launch the most expensive car, the Hongqi L5 at the Beijing Auto Show.

Along with the presentation of the model, came the announcement that it will be available for regular customers to buy, together with the announcement that the first acquisition was made, resulting in a price of over five million yuan, which is equivalent to 580,000 euros. According to Bloomberg, the customer is called Wang Zhonghua, and he is the first one to buy this car, designed until now only for dignitaries in Beijing.

For the same amount or even less, Wang Zhonghua could have been able to buy a Ferrari FF, or a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The motivation of acquisition and the customer choice options were not specified by the FAW Group representatives, the company that produces the most expensive Chinese car ever sold.

Those from FAW are partners with the Volkswagen Group, with which they have several factories the produce cars only for the indigenous market. The FAW Group is the first automaker in China, founded by the Communist Party, which aims at offering the Chinese people indigenous carS and discourage imports.

Hongqi means “red flag” in Chinese language and is the first and only (for now) premium brand in China. This brand was only available for the dignitaries, when it debuted on the market in 1958. Meanwhile, the Honqui models began to have other applications, although the flagship was not commercially available to the public. Paradoxically, although supposed to represent, “the pride of the Chinese industry”, no Hongqi model was built on a platform made ​​from scratch by them.

From the first model, which had the chassis and bodywork taken from a Simca model and a Mercedes-Benz engine, to the latest version, shown in 2009, based on a Toyota Land Cruiser platform, though it was exposed as an internal achievement, no Honqui model was developed completely from scratch in-house.

The Honqui L5 model is a limousine with retro design, reminiscent of the brand’s first model. The bodywork has a length of 5,555 mm, a width of 2,018 mm and a height of 1,578 mm. The wheelbase is 3,435 mm, greater than the city models sold in Europe, while the total weight is ridiculous, 3,175 kg. The engine is a V12 engine, displacing 6.0 liters, made of aluminum, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, which intelligently distributes power to the wheels through a four-wheel drive, the latter being taken from foreign partners together with the hydro-pneumatic suspension. The performances are unimpressive really: top speed is 200 km / h, while fuel consumption is declared to be 20 liters per 100 km.

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