Honda wants to beat the sales of 1993 to 2004

Honda the most popular and famous automobile manufacturer who has maintained their sales record every year, due to some uncertainties Honda is under pressure these days. According to recent update in newspaper of Los Angeles it has claimed that Honda is bearing pressure because their sales could meet the sales from 1993 to 2004. At that time Dick Colliver and Tom Elliott was the boss of Honda and they took Honda very efficiently. Since 2009 Honda could not meet the sales of 1993 to 2004.

Colliver and Tom managed the brand very effectively and in a most prominent way. These two head works under the supervision of Japanese CEO and give their best and achieve the remarkable sales. This does not mean that Honda is bearing loss or could not fulfill the demand of market, it mean as compared to that era Honda is failed to achieve success more than from that period. In March new Chief of marketing has taken the charge of Honda whose name is Mike Accavitti. Mike took the responsibility of several departments side by side with marketing.

Accavitti has paired with Mendal who is Vice president to make a perfect team who lead the Honda sales at top. Due to several other department responsibilities on Accavitti, he is not directly responsible for marketing zone the major charge of marketing zone is in the hand of Mendal. Mendal is completing his 8 year in Honda and continuously his names were highlighted in the top of marketing sales executive. The uncertainties cause by three major reasons, one was earthquake of Japan, global recession and the third one was Thai flood. These all factors seriously affect the research and development sector of Honda.

With the bouncing back sales of the United States of America, Honda took new orders from Japan. Honda peak sales of 2007 which was 1.55 million while 1.42 million was in last year which helps Honda to make combine sales with U.S, Canada, Mexico and other countries in order to complete the sales of 2 million by 2016. Honda Acura strokes highest sales in 2009 but the earthquake will lead to lessen it sales about 9 %. Last year Honda tried to recover it sales approximately 10 % and currently 9.5 % figure is captured from the market.

It is expected that Honda sales will soon increases from the Mexico plant which is going to be open next year. According to senior automobile analysts it has claimed that, the team of Colliver and Tom could not replace by any other until yet. Colliver was retired in 2009. Mendal says that his partnership with Accavitti could not replace the value of Colliver and Tom but they will try their best to lead the sales of Honda better than the era of 1993 to 2004. Now it depends on time to judge either they work at best or not. Honda has to meet the sales record in order to achieve new milestones in the market of vehicle.

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