Honda unveils the all new 2013 CR – V at the Paris International Motor Show 2012

The all new Honda CR – V is here to rule the streets. The fourth generation CR – V was recently unveiled by Honda at the Paris International Motor Show 2012 and this mid-sized off road beast will go up on sale in the United Kingdom this October.

The redesigned CR – V is a front wheel drive vehicle sporting a 1.6 liter turbo charged engine with a CO2 emission rate of just 99 g/km. The CR – V is here to make a statement and the vehicle is more advanced in terms of performance and technology as compared to its predeceasing model.

The new redesigned CR – V is what Honda calls the perfect balance between an SUV and a car and the vehicle basically features the same wheelbase and dynamics of the current model. However, the exterior designing is stiffer and more composed and hence the vehicle looks better than its predecessor.

The headlamps are wrapped over the front grille and the side panels are sharper and the Volvo like tail lamps wraps the rear end of the vehicle. The styling is more contemporary and the vehicle gets an overall complete look.
The interior styling has however been modified and the vehicle feels more spacious and airy from the inside. On folding the rear seats, this space is increased further and the roomy feelings kicks in just as you enter the vehicle.

The CR –V is powered by the very familiar 2.2 liter I DTEC super charged diesel engine and the SUV produces 148 BHP and 258 ft lb of torque. Co2 emission is limited to 149 g/km and the engine is mated to a six speed manual transmission and an automatic stop / start system which help the vehicle increase fuel efficiency.

Apart from the 2.2 liter I DTEC, the CR – V also has a much refined 2.0 liter super charged I VTEC petrol engine which produces 148 BHP and 142 ft lb of torque. Co2 emission is as low as 168 g/km and this is comparatively frugal considering an SUV. Honda plans to launch a remodeled CR – V with a 1.6 liter engine and this model will be announced next year.

The CR – V is a four wheel drive monster when at rest and switches to front wheel drive when the vehicle is in motion. The roof line has been dropped by 30 mm and the seat base has been dropped down by another 38 mm. Hence, the ride height has been lowered but the head space has seen an increase.

The CR – V is more car like than most SUVs as its ride height is just 10 mm more than a normal sedan. The rear cabin space is increased by the exclusion of the centre tunnel which is present in most front wheel drive vehicles.

The CR – V features a boot space of 559 liter which can be increased to 1669 liters with the removal of the rear seat. The seats are folded automatically and the boot floor loading area is 30 mm closer to the ground than the present model.

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