Honda Launches Diesel Variants of the CRV

Honda Launches Diesel Variants of the CRV

Honda offers a full scale diesel engine on its most successful SUV yet, the CRV. The CRV was always available in petrol but Honda has not realized that if they want to make a huge impact on global sales, a diesel power train is a must. Honda will exclusively bring out this engine for the European market in general but especially for the United Kingdom which accounts for a huge percentage of sales.

The low ranged 1.6 liter iDTEC engine displaces 118 BHP along with 221 ft lbs of torque while this SUV returns 62.8 MPG. CO2 emission is limited to 119 g/km and Honda claims that they have successfully come up with their best selling model. The range topping 2.2 liter diesel engine will be lifted directly off the Mazda CX5 although the power displacements have been enhanced.

The new range of engines will be lighter and more efficient than the current generation while the vehicle will still feature the four wheel drive train. This however brings down the overall weight of the car effectively by 69 kg. The chassis has been sharpened while the car is more torsion rigid. This means that the CRV is more performance friendly and handles better.

The dimensions of the car are similar to that of its predecessor despite the suspension springs have been softened. This gives the car a more relaxed feel although body roll as been increased. The steering column is well adjusted while the car is more economic on the lot at the moment. Overall, this makes for a very successful vehicle. The car is actually more agile than any of its predecessors and the high torque figure definitely helps.

Honda has come up with a decent rival to the big SUVs dominant on European soil and this is a grand rival to the Audi Q Series, vehicles from Mercedes Benz and BMW. The CRV is very responsive and you can almost feel the car jumping forward with every minor push of the pedal. When the pedal is floored, the acceleration is beyond the means of most SUVs in its range.

The latest Range Rover Evoque is bound to feel the pressure generated by this launch although both vehicles have their distinct range of similarities and differences. While the CRV is a potent car for urban use, the Evoque is an equally good cruiser and off roader. While Honda planned on making the CRV one of the most potent urban cars, laden with luxury and high comfort level, Jaguar Land Rover was more focused on the toughness.

Both cars have very different ideologies governing their engines and hence the differences are quite notable. The best grunt from the engine kicks in near the 2500 – 3000 RPM range and this can be felt quite effortlessly. Although Honda is yet to announce the price officially, experts believe that the car will sport a price tag somewhere between £22,000-23,000. The CRV has always been one of the best cars from Honda and the diesel upgrade will definitely be helping the cause.

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