Honda Civic Type R updated

Honda Civic Type R, the current one last update. For Europe, the update is late because the car is no more supplied from January 1.

The roles are reversed. For years Honda looked jealous lovers in Japan to Europe because we are a Civic Type R had. The sporty version of the Civic is built in England only last year Honda decided to bring some copies to Japan.

Now the Civic Type R in Europe is no longer available because the model does not meet the Euro 5 exhaust standard. Honda provides the model for Japan one last update. It comes in an edition of 1,500 pieces to the homeland.

The update does not hug much. On a new color and a sporty cap after everything remains the same. The 2.0 produces 201 hp unchanged and 193 Nm of torque. Lovers in Europe have until December to himself happy with a new Type R. That’s the 2010 model.

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