Honda Brio: upward trend of Honda

Honda Brio: upward trend of Honda

People belonging to middle class family always had a desire to grab the models of Honda. But due to high price range they only had an option to admire them. But after the launch of Brio model with compact feature and affordable price, people accepted the model with an honour. Getting a car belonging to Honda brand and that too in such a less price has become a real hit in the market.

It has been more than a decade when Honda Siel Cars in India is making a great profit. This branch is also known as a subsidiary to Japan based company, Honda Motors. Even if individuals are aware of the quality which is produced by Honda Brand, people of India are not accepting the models of the particular organization with efficiency.

The main reason behind this is the fact that, Honda didn’t have a small car before. Other manufactures and brands of car in the market have been a step higher than those of Honda as they are having small cars along with expensive segment of cars. There are many nuclear families in various cities of India. Thus, they want a car which would accommodate a single family. Even for many people car has become a necessity and not a luxury. Another reason of Honda cars not getting sold is the price range. A person can buy two small car in the range of price which Honda is offering for a single car.

People from rich society are in a state to avail the expensive variety of cars such as Honda Jazz, Honda Civic and Honda city. But the launch of Honda Brio has taken away the market of all these large segment cars. Brio has been launched in the end of February 2012 just after the period when the company was forced to suspend the production totally. Sales of Honda Brio have comparatively increased. This is having a competition among all the small car segments in the market. The sales of Honda car have got an upward trend with Honda Brio.

Honda is one of the well received cars in market segment today. Just after resumption of production, the company had sold about 16,500 units. Honda is really surprise with the market response of this particular car. The management is hoping that, the particular car will possess more growth in this year.

A true reflection of Honda DNA has been shown with Brio. The combination of spacious interiors, futuristic design, and peppy performance are all the characteristics of this particular segment of car. People willing to feel the interiors and comfort of the car, must avail it once for a test drive. One of the customers has described his test dive. He was really satisfied with the car and has referred the same to his friends and relatives.

The soft electronic power steering system of Honda Brio is really amazing with its small turning radius along with the ability of good ground clearance. Even in the crowded city roads, Honda Brio will have a great performance.

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