Honda: 2025 self-propelled vehicle

Like many other manufacturers Honda is working on a self-propelled vehicle. In 2025, the brand with a model that runs independently on level 4. This means that the driver only in exceptional situations, the control has to take over.

Honda is working to develop technology that is needed for self-propelled cars. The main objective: to come in 2025 with a car on the market that can run independently on level 4. The technique is at that level are able to operate independently, both on country roads and in the city. Only in exceptional traffic situations, such as bad weather, dirt roads or work, the driver must take control.

Level 4 is the second highest level in the five steps of the self-moving car. At level 5 there is no driver needed, but that is still distant future. Honda therefore focuses first on level 3 and 4. In 2020, the brand presents a car that can run independently on the highway, in accordance with level 3.

For level 4 is required artificial intelligence. Therefore test with Honda prototypes that are only equipped with cameras and without GPS. The art teaches the road situations and the action of the driver. So the clever Honda include roads can learn to recognize without lines.

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