Great Fuel efficiency – 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid is still one of the great surprises from Honda, the star of the entire 2013 lineup, an incredible efficient vehicle in terms of fuel consumption.
The economic vehicle has a 1.5 liter, four cylinder engine which features the latest system from Honda, the Integrated Motor Assist. It seems that combined with a Lithium-Ion battery pack, the Integrated Motor assist system is able to generate 127 lb-ft of torque. Even more, if coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission, the Hybrid should be earning an EPA rating of 44/44/44 mpg2 for city/hwy/combined.

Following the latest green trend, Honda is introducing the latest ECO Assist technology which actually monitors the entire activity and only with the push of the “ECON” button, the fuel consumption will be efficiently diminished.

The Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System is also one of the novelties that the company insists on having introduced on every single Natural Gas models and it is indeed useful as it also contains a multi view rearview camera and provides updated information regarding routing and instructions to several distinctive addresses.

The 1.5 liter engine features up to 110hp and the CVT should be able to return EPA of 44 miles per gallon both on highway and in the city. Although quite efficient, there are several other hybrids on the auto market which can reach even better results. It seems that the motor can redirect the power straight to the front wheels, different from eAssist, but this can only happen while deceleration in order to ease the motor.

The driving tests demonstrated the Honda civic Hybrid did not seem like a hybrid at all while rolling in the urban traffic or on the highway. It definitely seems like a regular performance car but it has successfully provided fuel economy. The average speed the vehicle can reach has been registered somewhere between 40 mpg and 44mpg, on the highway, which is fair enough for a hybrid car.

A couple of changes have also been made regarding the exterior design of the new Honda Civic Hybrid. The outside design includes new fascias, a changed decklid and taillights, this certainly makes the hybrid look very different. The latest Honda models have been smoothly designed with very subtle, yet comfy, interior elements: door padding, reworked instrument panel or improved HVAC controls.

Some other featured exterior design changes include a new grinning chrome grille, light pipe taillights and LED running lights. Taking into the consideration the changes that have been made, Honda has announced a base price of $24,360 for the Civic Hybrid.

Those drivers that use the car daily in an urban environment, commuting from one point to another, might be the potential customers of the latest Civic Hybrid as it not only provides a fuel economy but is also very fun to drive, quite comparable to a regular, compact car. This model might prove very interesting for the Honda lovers but, for the upcoming seasons, the company might have to think of something new in order to attract new customers to their hybrid concept.

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