Geneva Motor Show 2010: Electric Renault 2012

Geneva Motor Show 2010: Electric Renault 2012

The state of Renault were not only Wind and Megane CC in the spotlight, the French brand spent 3 electric cars along.

The first electric model, based on the Renault Fluence, would by the end of 2011 the market should be. This model is the most extensive electric model that Renault will offer. It will be at the beginning of 2012 a slightly smaller model in the market. This model will be more suitable for the city and currently receives the name Zoe. The Olive is rather a lifestyle-oriented audience and thus sporty design.

The absolutely revolutionary model – Renault and Renault would not only should this remain a concept – the Renault Twizy. There are two rear passengers sit together and so the city just now. The dimensions in both length and width limits, these two-seater is perfect for the city.

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