General Motors recall 4300 cars in US for airbag issue

General Motors recall 4300 cars in US for airbag issue

United States Automaker General Motors Company announced on last Wednesday that soon they are going to recall 4300 cars sold in United States. The company has taken this step in order to resolve an issue in the airbags of the car. According to company, some of their studies on the cars have shown them that the airbags in the some of the cars sold before 2009 may give rise to an issue. Company told media that not all the cars they have sold till now in US has air bag issue in them, but only limited models have similar issue with them.

Company told that majority of cars includes Chevrolet Malibu Eco cars. The company has announced that in this car they want to reprogram a module that control airbag. Though company is sure that this is a minor issue, but still they don’t want to take any risk. The estimate number of cars to be recalled by the company will be around 4300.

Giving more information the company announced that they will soon going to contact their clients about this. According to company their clients will not face any kind of issue with the recall. The company will try to provide the car back to the owner on the same day when it is called for reprogram airbag module. Also the process will continue for around three months so that all the owners get sufficient time to bring the car to the company.

Some of the models sold earlier this year may also have the same issue, however this has not finalized by the company till now. According to the information provided by the company, if the reports for the current year models will be active, they can call them for resolving the same issue.
About the safety the company recently told media that there is no need to worry on this issue. Company official announced that this is nothing but just a minor issue that doesn’t have anything related with airbag safety. According to company, cases like this are very rare and are not actually harmful.

Also company announced that till now they have not received any injury report related to this issue by their clients. The CEO of General Motors said “We are going to send official letters to the clients on first July. We will not charge a single buck from our clients. Our clients can bring the car to any nearest dealer in order to resolve this issue”

When asked how they came to know about this issue the SEO told that it happened recently. A team was working on improvement of airbag and they came to know about this issue. They immediately report it to the research department and results were found positive. So finally company decided to take this step in order to favor their clients.

Clients are welcomed to discuss any query they have with us regarding this matter. The company welcomes any suggestion as well. This was the statement of the CEO of the General Motors Company.

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