Gas stations are full of harmful microbes

Gas stations are full of harmful microbes

Another reason to go buy cars with low fuel consumption and to be happy if you already have one comes from the University of Arizona. The boys and girls there have conducted a study involving gas stations across North America and the results are worrying to say the least.

Besides the obvious advantages of saving money better spent elsewhere and helping the atmosphere stay a bit cleaner, you will also reduce the risks of contracting dangerous bacteria and viruses. The above mentioned study says that 71 percent of the gas stations in North America are overflowing with such microscopic threats. This information may prove to be worrying considering similar studies have been made in the UK that pointed out the cabin of the car is not the most hygienic place to be. They also indicated an exceeding number of microbes and bacteria present, especially on the steering wheel.

However, solutions are very simple and easy like washing your hands after each refill. This way the bacteria in your car will be introduced to the ones at the gas station. Another solution is to always carry around a pack of anti-bacterial tissues. Before panicking at the prospect of a worldwide infestation that may lead to who-knows-what sort of epidemic, keep in mind that the same potential of infection outbreak is present whenever you use the mailbox, ATB or even the escalators.

Seeing that hundreds of millions of people use the above mentioned devices every day and no outbreak has been spotted yet, it is safe to file this information under the “did you know” category.

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