Future of Commercial Transportation - Toyota e-Palette

Future of Commercial Transportation – Toyota e-Palette

Toyota was present at the CES 2018 Expo with a new concept called Toyota e-Palette Concept. According to the car maker, this electric car and automatic piloting system is a vision of the future from autonomous mobility services.

The new concept of the Toyota e-Palette Concept has been developed in collaboration with experts from several companies such as Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut or Uber. The prototype brought to CES has the shape of a rectangular “box” on wheels.

Also, in the future Toyota plans to offer this model in several length variants, from 4 to 7 meters.

If the design of the new concept is not so appealing, then in terms of functionality, the prototype of the Toyota e-Palette concept is almost perfect. A large height and a minimum number of corners maximize the available space inside.

The biggest advantage of the concept is that the Japanese manufacturer is willing to only deliver the vehicle without forcing partners or customers to use the operating systems developed by Toyota.

This gives free rein in using e-Palette for different companies, with the opportunity to use their own operating systems and autonomous driving software.
Among the main destinations of the concept are parcel delivery, car-sharing and virtual trade. The interior offers enormous possibilities for change in accordance with the needs of companies that will use these vehicles. For example, a platform could be used by two companies at the same time, being equipped during the day for parcel delivery, and at night being modified for passenger transport.

Toyota e-Palette could serve the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo

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