Future BMW To Be A Pick-Up?

The utility car segment is rapidly growing in the automotive industry. This aspect stirs the thoughts of all car manufacturers lately. Those at Fiat or Peugeot-Citroen have already entered the branch and Renault recently launched the Alaskan, a car that will be sold all over the world and represents a completely new vision of pick-ups, with a modern imposing and robust look.

The utility vehicle segment is “hunted” now by the biggest industry names, as was expected. After the beginning of this year when Mercedes-Benz officially announced that they are thinking increasingly seriously at a premium pick-up – Mercedes-Benz Class X – now the people from BMW give us some information that hint at their interest in this area too.

Shortly after the German automotive car manufacturer BMW launched for the Chinese market the BMW 1 Series front-wheel drive, some voices argue that now the Germans are thinking about launching a pick-up.

The German brand fans remember the Fools Day in 2011, when BMW launched some pictures with an M3 pick-up. Although then it was just a joke, strange and fascinating at that time, the car could actually go into production.

The BMW Australia chief executive, Marc Werner, partially confirmed rumors appeared in the specialized press. He said the company’s decision makers can carefully analyze this possibility, and that the idea of a BMW pick-up, apparently, is very interesting so far.

Speaking with Australia’s Motoring, Werner said “Never say never.” He followed stating that “We’re watching the space closely.”
But Werner did not say how advanced are these discussions in the board. However, he said that BMW permanently monitors market trends and that the opportunities for such products would fit perfectly with the existing clients of the company.

Therefore, Werner’s statements feed unofficial information that BMW is ready to enlarge its boundaries to include such cars as part of the joint venture with Toyota, the company that produces the Hilux pick-up, a successful car on several markets.

However, the specialists in the field believe that up to an official appearance, a BMW pick-up will have to wait some time. For no other reason than, as we all know, BMW has not flirted at all so far with commercial vehicles, unlike rivals from Mercedes-Benz, for example.
In addition, even rivals from Audi could easily enter the market, given that they already have vehicles like the Volkswagen Amarok group, and could quickly build such a model.

“It’s easier for Mercedes because they have commercial vehicles and trucks and vans,” Werner said. “We do not. And perhaps it’s easier for Audi. Just take the Amarok, why not?” Werner said. “Yes it’s harder for us but we’ll be watching how Benz goes.”
BMW is known to adapt to the market requirements, from their SUV lineup to front-wheel drive vehicles, the product lineup has evolved and adapted over time. In 2016, a BMW pickup sounds as crazy as a front-drive Bimmer did in 2006.

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