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Future Autonomous Public Transport – The Rinspeed Snap Concept

Rinspeed, a company of Swiss origin, decided to focus on developing autonomous cars. In 2015, the Swiss presented at the Geneva Motor Show an autonomous concept based on the BMW i3 electric compact, and the latest autonomous prototype is the new Rinspeed Snap version.

The concept is devoid of a separate space for the driver and is absolutely autonomous and its only destination is car-sharing.
The car is composed of a platform, called the Skateboard, and a capsule, called Pod.

The most curious thing is that they can be detached from one another and the platform, which enjoys enviable maneuverability, can change the capsules between them as needed!

The idea is that capsules can have a longer service life, satisfying internally all the needs of passengers and benefiting from updates to the electronic systems.
At the same time, the platform will have a shorter exploitation period, requiring technical updates with the development of electrical and autonomous technologies over time.

The skateboard is powered by an electric ZF production engine which develops between 38 and 69 hp, located on one of the two decks. The maximum speed does not exceed 80 km/h with 12kWh batteries.

With a full charge the Skateboard can travel up to 100 km – absolutely sufficient distances in the urban area.
The Pod can be configured for many purposes, such as passenger transportation, freight forwarding, mobile office, or even as a boutique for trade! The prototype presented is configured to carry 4 passengers on board.

Several companies and engineering teams participated in the development of the project, and the prototype will be presented to the public at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas in January 2018.

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