Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Tesla Model S

Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: Tesla Model S

In Frankfurt went to the Tesla Model S premiered, the electric-powered sedan has a driving range of 483 km and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds.

Electric cars are already no longer the ugly ducklings of land vehicles, first there was the Fisker Karma four-door coupe as tight now sold and riders can also opt for an electric sedan. The Tesla Model S looks very uncompromising and has a very nice roofline and a sharp nose. The picture seems to be completely correct, just a shame that the interior is not yet released. In Frankfurt we found a complete interior bare back.

The Tesla Model S is powered by a battery pack with 8000 cells, which give the car a range of 483 km. The batteries were on the top floor of the car so there is much room left for passengers and luggage.

This weight saving is an important environmentally friendly cars is obvious, the S model weighs about 1735 kilograms and uses aluminum for the body. The drag coefficient remains also limited to 0.27, which is even lower than the Tesla Roadster. The target of the Tesla Model S is at 43,000 euros.

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