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Ford Will Soon add Solar Features to Electric Cars

The auto manufacturer Ford has announced intentions to give consumers of the brand new Focus Electric vehicle a new option for powering their automobiles. The new electric vehicles by Ford are expected to be available to consumers by the end of this year.

On Wednesday Ford made known its new partnership with the SunPower Corporation, which is based in San Jose. The auto company will be selling solar panels for the rooftops of their new vehicle. This is meant to reduce the costs of electricity which will be needed to drive the Focus Electric.

Ford and SunPower are hoping that they will be able to use to their advantage the fact that there are many American consumers who wish to support US companies while also being environmentally friendly in their purchases.

It has been estimated that at least half of the consumers who will purchase the new electric Ford vehicle will decide to get the additional solar panels to cut down their costs. Ford says it is expecting around 15% of all cars to be running on electricity by the year 2020. With the hopes of getting a head start on this new market trend, Ford and SunPower are pushing their new product.

In certainly helps that SunPower has already built up a strong brand name for itself throughout America, especially in Arizona where Ford is hoping sales will be at their highest.

The new solar panels for the electric vehicle will be somewhat smaller than the ones used for Arizona homes. They have been designed to generate at least 3,000 kilowatt hours of electricity for the vehicles every year. SunPower reports that this much electricity is enough to drive the Focus Electric at least 12,000 miles.

Consumers in Arizona are likely to be more ready to purchase solar panels for their vehicles then consumers in any other parts of the US. This is largely due to the large volumes of sunlight they receive there.
Drivers will most likely opt to charge their cars during the night, and during the day use them for utilities, which will help them get discounts from electricity companies. Tax credits will already reduce the price of the solar panels making them much more affordable to the general public.

Ford has not yet made known the price of these new electric powered vehicles, but they are expected to be a big success due to the ever growing popularity of environmentally friendly options, both for vehicles and home utilities.

Arizona makes up one of the first 19 markets where the Focus Electric will initially be released. Drivers should be able to begin purchasing them by the middle of 2012.

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