Ford: the largest car manufacturer in Europe

At Ford, they should be popping the champagne, becaus the car manufacturer sold 192,500 vehicles in March and is the largest automaker in Europe.

Ford shared in March on the European market 10.4 percent achieved 0.2% better than last month and 0.4% better than March 2009. The brand sold 192,500 vehicles in Europe up, most of the sales went to the Ford Fiesta, It was the last month sold 68,000 times. Double that of February and 29% better than March 2009.

Given the success of the Ford Fiesta the car before the summer launch in North America, Ford is still relatively cautious about the future of the European car industry. Ford expects more problems in the future and a decline in European sales to 14.5 million vehicles per year if no new grants from the government.

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