Ford showcases a vast lineup of new vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford has showcased the Shelby Focus ST and this is a new model of the Ford Focus designed by Shelby, Ford’s sister concern. The vehicle is powered by a 2.0 liter petrol supercharged engine and this is a massive powerhouse. The vehicle features aggressive designing and screams out speed from all quarters. The paint scheme has been done up in bright yellow with black racing stripes and finish and this is a meaner twin of the Focus ST.

The vehicle has undergone a lot of technical and mechanical changes and the ones which are noticeable at the first glance is the lowered suspension. The brakes have also been modified as well as the exhaust, which now features twin circular Borla exhaust mufflers. The engine has also been replaced and a trapezoidal arrangement has been given to the Focus to enhance its capabilities.

The exterior is loaded with carbon fiber parts and a new spoiler on the roof is the feature which attracts the most attention. The bonnet also features air vents and a performance package has been installed under the hood to make this vehicle as fast as it looks. Ford is also offering three styling packages and this includes body color and vinyl.

The Shelby Focus ST sports a price tag of $14,995 and just 500 units of the vehicle will be manufactured. Shelby has also showcased the Shelby Mustang GT 500 Super Snake at the Detroit Auto Show and that is a definitely a head turner. The vehicle is powered by a 5.4 liter supercharged diesel V8 engine and also features optional 13 inch sports rims. Traction control has also been enhanced and this vehicle could prove to be the ultimate deal.

Ford has also showcased the F 150 Concept pickup at the event and this is the new generation of the highly successful F 150 Atlas. The F 150 has been designed aerodynamically and this makes it more fuel efficient. The next generation Eco Boost used in this vehicle makes it quite powerful and Atlas also features great towing capability. The tailgate has an additional pull up support and the interior features enhanced LED working.

A 360 degrees bird eye view camera has also been installed in the vehicle and these calls for additional visual support which driving or more importantly parking. The Atlas is easier to control and maneuver and is packed with modern technology which will take future pickup trucks to a whole new dimension.

The new F 150 is expected to be out on the street by 2014 and huge sales are expected as the F 150 was always the most popular pickup truck in America. The F 150 has an unbeaten sales record for the past 36 years and in 2012 alone, Ford has sold 645,000 F Series pickup truck. Ford is looking forward to a 10 percent increase in the numbers this year and with its general array of vehicles lined up for sale, Ford expected to be back with a bang after a considerably low period in the market.

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