Ford set to showcase the Fiesta ST at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Ford set to showcase the Fiesta ST at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Ford is ready to unveil the Fiesta ST to the American customers on the 28th of November at the Los Angeles Motor Show. The Fiesta ST is the second ST to be launched in the US in 2012 after the launch of the Focus ST. Ford is planning on selling the Fiesta and the Focus ST on a global platform, although the overall specifications are however expected to remain the same throughout the world.

However, only the five door version of the Fiesta ST will be available in the US unlike Europe which also sells the three door version of the car. The Fiesta ST is powered by 1.6 liter petrol Eco Boost engine mated to a six speed automatic transmission system, producing 178 BHP and 177 ft lbs of torque. The vehicle has an estimated top speed of 136 MPH and acceleration from 0 – 60 MPH occurs in less than 7.0 seconds.

The ST features a minor chassis modification over the Fiesta and this reduces body roll, wheel spin and turbo lag by a margin. An all new electronic steering control helps the vehicle handle better and the 15 mm reduction in overall height means a more stable suspension and stiffer handling. Under steer has been controlled with the help of the all new Torque Vector Control system along with a three way control electronic stability unit that allows the driver to control the car according to his wishes while minimizing the chances of an accident.

The Fiesta ST is similar to the Focus ST in terms of exterior styling and both the vehicles have a typical quadrilateral shaped front end and bumper along with dual exhausts bores and 17 inch sports alloyed rims that are a standard on all ST vehicles from Ford as of date. Recaro Sports Seats are also available as standard and the overall trim and upholstery level on the ST is superb.

A performance limiter helps the driver drive the vehicle according to his confidence and level of skill and this makes driving a fun event. The Fiesta ST has been designed exclusively, keeping in mind the needs of the American buyers and as a result the company claims that the vehicle will appeal to the major American mass. With an overall combined fuel economy level of 34 MPG, the Fiesta ST is quite fuel efficient and could make for a good vehicle in the garage.

However, the Fiesta ST will find strong competition from the Mini Cooper S as well as the Chevrolet Sonic RS. However, the Fiesta ST sports a new design and has a few interesting technologically advanced options which differentiate it from the other vehicles in the class. This also increases the appeal to the buyers at the end of the day.

The Fiesta ST will be available in the UK after its official launch in America and it is expected to reach British soil by January 2013. However, its launch plans in the other parts of the world are expected to be disclosed shortly.

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