Ford Plans to Stun Audiences with the New Fiesta ST

Ford Plans to Stun Audiences with the New Fiesta ST

Ford has revealed the attest version of the Fiesta, the Fiesta ST. The ST is the first official Fiesta to reach 62 MPH from complete standstill in less than seven seconds. This property makes the ST an agile vehicle with perfect maneuverability, precision and speed. Displacing a massive 179 BHP, The Fiesta ST hatch back should have enough power to make this vehicle one of the fastest in its segment.

With an overall weight of 1100 kg (the official figures are yet to be announced), the power output should lay a general idea of what the ST will feel like on road. However, experts are still waiting for a prototype that needs to be tested on road to be sure of the performance. Unlike Peugeot and Renault, Ford does not have a dedicated lineup of performance based vehicles. Instead the company uses the RS and ST badges on its hardcore models.

The Fiesta ST is meant to be fast, quick and uncompromised when it comes to speed. However, the major flaw with this vehicle is that it is the least comfortable in its segment. This is the perfect car for the sports enthusiasts and the speed buffs, however not meant for the family crowd. Ford is targeting the college goers with the Fiesta ST and this has been a steady and smart marketing move.

Priced under £17,000, The ST is available in two trim options – ST1 and ST2. While the ST2 is pricier than the ST1, both vehicles are special in their own way. The ST2 features additional DAB radio and part leather upholstery along with a few extra luxury parts which are missing on the ST1 and hence the ST2 costs an additional £1,000 over the ST1.

The vehicle is powered by a 1.6 liter turbo charged four cylinder engine mated to a front wheel drive and six speed automatic transmission system. A mechanical limited slip differential has been added to the vehicle and this gives the ST a similar feel as that of the RS models. The Fiesta also features a Torque Induction Vectoring Control (an enhancement of the Electronic Stability Control) that is responsible for controlling the excessive wheel spin in certain wheels.

The suspension has been lowered by 15 mm than the normal Fiesta and this gives the ST a mean stance as well as making the vehicle easy to steer and control round the corners. The drive experience on the Fiesta ST is expected to be impressive although just assumptions can be made so far. However, considering the technical specifications mentioned by Ford, the Fiesta ST is expected to provide a balanced ride. The vehicle may not be ideal for the European roads considering the financial crisis. However, the youth will definitely be attracted by the machine. The driver’s seat has been placed in a commanding position and this enhances the entire drive feel of the vehicle. The cabin is expected to be comfortable and there has been no confirmed news of an increase in wheel base of the vehicle.

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