Ford plans to launch the C Max Energy Plug In Hybrid to challenge the Toyota Prius C

Ford plans to launch the C Max Energy Plug In Hybrid to challenge the Toyota Prius C

Ford Motor Corp is all set to challenge the dominance of Toyota Moto Corps in the hybrid segment with the all new 2013 Ford C Max Energy Plug In Hybrid. The challenge is to attain fuel efficiency figures of 100 MPG on the vehicle and if successful, the vehicle would beat the Toyota Prius C by almost 5 percent in fuel efficiency figures.

The mileage rating has been given to the C Max by the U.S Environment Protection Agency and this means that the vehicle is officially the most fuel efficient vehicle on the face of the planet. The vehicle features same fuel efficiency in both the freeways as well as within the city perimeters and can run 5 miles more than the Prius C in the freeways and 2 miles more within city limits.

The General Motor’s Chevrolet Volt is also set to be launched in 2013 and this vehicle poses a subsequent threat to the C Max. Toyota has been the king pin of the hybrid market for quite some time now and Ford is slowly but steadily trying to capture a chunk of it. The US sale of the Toyota Prius accounted for close to 50 percent of the vehicle’s sales figure and this is mainly due to the interest of people to shift to an efficient and green fuel.

Ford is trying to woo customers by providing more space, better performance, greater savings as well as greater fuel efficiency with the launch of the C Max Energy Plug In Hybrid; however its acceptance in the market is left to be viewed. People are looking for vehicles which provide greater miles per gallon nowadays while purchasing vehicles and this is the major reason for the home players to opt for hybrid vehicles, which provide a great balance between performance and savings.

The greener project would not have kicked the way it is now five years ago and this is the benefit of launching products right when they should be. Toyota is in a tight situation now in the US market with its global image taking a hit due to the faulty electronics and the recalling of the vehicles. Ford is trying to cash in on this opportunity and give potential buyers a better alternative to Japanese technology.

Along with the development of the Ford C Max Energy Plug In Hybrid, the company is also looking forward to a hybrid version of the Ford Fusion, a highly successful sedan from the stables of Ford. The vehicle is expected to go on sale mid 2013 and the hype has started building up. The C Max sports a lithium ion battery apart from its petrol engine and this has been used to save mass as well as provide better efficiency than the more expensive nickel metal hydride battery.

The C Max is expected to be priced around $ 30,000 and this is being done to eat into the market of the Prius C. The sales figures however have to be viewed to confirm the success of the plan.

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