Ford Kuga Coupe: defined SUV

Ford is apparently jealous of the success of the BMW X6 and the plant itself a coupe-SUV, with three doors.
According to Ford’s demand for a sporty variant of the Ford Kuga and by 2011 will be extremely pleased to meet that demand. The side has some way of the three Ford Fiesta, but is a piece sporty design. The rest of the body is clearly inspired by the Ford IosisMAX Concept, which was in Geneva this year.
Perhaps the three SUV-Coupe does not have four available, thus achieving a lower consumption. Moreover, the car is not designed to actually to go off-road, so do not need four.
The ability of this sporty coupe-SUV (it all sounds a bit contradictory, no?) Will start at 128 hp (from the 1.6 liter TDCI) and will be 198 hp (from the 2.0 liter engine) end. Between these two capabilities, there are petrol engines with 148 hp and 178 hp. Furthermore, Ford for the first two links on the Kuga.
Usually, the presentation of this car made somewhere in 2011. At the same time, the successor to the current Ford Kuga shown to the public, because the Kuga is now even a while. (via Auto Express)

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