Ford Focus sold RS500

12h after Ford Focus RS500 could be bought, he was already sold out. Frankly, we’re not really surprised.

Focus RS500 is therefore probably a gem of a car. The Ford Focus RS in itself is genius, the Focus RS500 makes it even further. A spoonful of 45 horses to be exact, from 305 to 350 hp. The name also RS500 Indicates that there are only 500 pieces will be made, of which about 50 will come to Belgium.

5.9 seconds in 2.5 liter five-cylinder pulls the Ford Focus RS500 to 100 km / h. Top speed is equivalent to 263 km / h, enough to fire the German establishment seemed hard to them. The Ford Focus RS also has 460 Nm, enough for a smooth acceleration. For more information about the Ford Focus RS500 you can always visit

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