Ford Escape has been rated to give 33MPG on the Highway

Ford Escape has been rated to give 33MPG on the Highway

Ford Escape has been given the official miles-per-gallon ratings. It is rated at thirty three miles per gallon on the highway. This compact SUV is going to get worldwide admiration. This new version of Ford Escape has shown at its first drive that it is the combined work of the engineering and the designing teams in the United States of America and Germany for their assembled factories in China and Spain. The new Escape is going to be literally a universal car. In China, it is called the `Kuga’.

The biggest news in the department of powertrain is that this will be the initial application of Ford’s 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder inline engine in the United States of America. This engine is going to produce 240 horsepower with the use of 93 octane premium gas. It will have 270 pound-feet of torque. It is also going to give top notch fuel economy readings among the compact crossover cars with thirty three miles per gallon on the highway and twenty three miles per gallon in the city.

The body design of the Escape has been inspired by the body build of athletes, particularly cross country runners and swimmers. Therefore, it has got a muscular and a lean body design. It is a little longer than the older model. The space for cargo has been expanded. The seats have been reduced in size as one and a half kilogram has been shed from each of them. Despite the shredding in size, the seats have been given additional functions. There is a lumbar support and also a power recline facility for a variety in positioning. A sport seat is also available as an option with high bolsters in trimmed leather.

This four wheel drive is priced at $29,620. Ford Motor has achieved success with its EcoBoost engines and has sold more than one hundred and twenty five thousand EcoBoost equipped cars last year.

The car goes by another nickname. It is also known as `intelligent’. This is because it helps the drivers by actually thinking for them with the use of sensors that control functions like the centrifugal force. The curve controls also can sense if the car turns a corner too fast and will help in slowing down the SUV automatically.

It is a car with a six-speed automatic transmission with an intelligent 4WD system for on-road control of traction. The smart functions are controlled from the inputs that are fed to its central processing unit from twenty five separate sources. The computer also distributes the torque to all the four wheels depending on the need of the driver. For example, if the wheels skid on sleet, the power to the wheels will be cut down while the wheels with enough traction will be given a little torque boost.

Ford Motor Company has been doing this in its cars for quite some time now. It has also added the inputs from the control systems like the angle of the steering wheel against the actual turn of the car with the accelerator and brake demand against the actual turn of the car. An electro-mechanical clutch is being used to do this to slow down or add power to the wheels.

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