Ford again teases Puma ST

Ford-Puma-STFord throws another teaser of its ‘hot SUV’ Puma ST on this beautiful, warm day. Good news for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of such a high-performance model: it is completely green!

The tasty images are stills from a movie from Ford’s Twitter account. A group of people, allegedly employees who have contributed to the development of the Puma ST, provides a somewhat shadowy video of all the matching click, engine and driving sounds. Soon it is no longer necessary to pretend, the message is, because on September 24, the fast Puma will be finally revealed.

That is quite a ‘big deal’, because it is not exactly teeming with sporty models in the segment of compact crossovers. Nissan was early with the Juke Nismo, but most manufacturers generally still release their excess horsepower on hatchbacks.

The Puma ST is expected to share its drivetrain with the Fiesta ST, on which the car is technically based. This means that an extremely bright 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine will soon be screwed into the high nose, which actually gives a lot of hum and pop. With 200 hp and 290 Nm, a Fiesta ST sprints in 6.7 seconds to 100 km / h. At the same power, the Puma will be a little slower, but given the impressively balanced chassis in standard form, this also promises to be a real fun machine.

Apart from the striking green color, the external changes on the Puma ST are little shocking. This fits in with the relatively subtle other STs in the range, but is also confirmed by espionage images and earlier teasers . The side skirts and fender edges of the filmed car look identical to those of a Puma ST-Line, although the car does get visibly thicker wheels and brakes.

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