Fisker Emotion: Extremely Ambitious Luxury Electric Vehicle Promising 640 Km Range

Henrik Fisker posted on Twitter a few pictures with the electric car EMotion,from Fisker Inc., and immediately after he did so everyone’s attention was captured. The reason is as simple as can be – the luxurious electric car called Fisker EMotion EV promises a range of 640 kilometers on a single battery charge!

Overall, Fisker’s new proposal resembles a soft version of the Fisker Karma EV model from the side, which the creator delivered some 8 years ago, and has a snout similar to the Tesla Model S. However, the culminating technical point, if we can call it so, is the new type of battery which supplies the car.
The battery is built based on graphene technology, but unfortunately we do not have more details. Fisker was a little stingy with information, however, what we do know that it is built at UCLA and theoretically battery charging is faster than the lithium-ion battery models we all know.

Fisker has developed this type of battery with Fisker Nanotech and Nanotech Energy, but for now, we have no images with the mounted package. The bodywork of the Fisker Emotion EV was made from carbon fiber and aluminum and the promised maximum speed is about 260 km / h.
Fisker’s electric vehicle is scheduled to be built at a factory that already exists, which presupposes to be somewhere in California and will be officially presented to the general public in 2017.

To closely follow the design specifications, the Fisker Emotion model has been conceived to be extremely aerodynamic. That means it has a very low profile, an integrated spoiler and a diffuser integrated in the chassis.

Also, the Fisker EMotion EV is equipped with LED technology headlamps, butterfly doors and a completely autonomous technology from a vendor that will be announced later. In addition what was already presented above, Fisker said on his Twitter account that the vehicle will have “superb” space at the driver’s disposal despite its sports car appearance. Even the rear passengers will benefit from generous interior space and that is always a good thing.
The original car, Fisker Karma, was admired for its dramatic design. It seems that was the only real strength it had, according to Leonadro DiCaprio when he received the first delivery in 2011.

Many auto analysts have considered that the Fisker Karma was rushed into into production after Fisker’s funds have been cut by the US Department of Energy. As such, the Karma model was affected by reliability problems and even battery fires, now being considered a Samsumg Galaxy Note 7 of the electric cars. And on top of that, the battery supplier, A123, went bankrupt shortly after they started production of the car.

The company said in a release that “Fisker has taken advantage of the newly developed electric powertrain layout by pushing the vehicle’s entire interior compartment forward and increasing the wheelbase with distinctively short front and rear overhangs, a layout that increases the interior space.”

Overall, the design and specifications of the model proposed by Fisker is sure to make many closely follow what will happen next.

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