First Solar-Powered Family Car is Set on the Stage

First Solar-Powered Family Car is Set on the Stage

A brigade of Dutch Engineers has made the first solar-powered family car. This car has double the strength of an electric car. Its name is Stella. This car is sufficient for four passengers. It can run up to 420 miles with the sunlight or even without sunlight, it can travel 250 miles. This car best suits for the future generation. Though petroleum gets over from the wells, these cars can run since the solar power has no end. Stella has solar panels on its top to generate electricity or heat that runs the car. This car is made of facile materials.

There are many alternative devices found for traditional electronic devices to save the electricity. Solar powered devices are becoming more in the market. This way, the solar-powered car is technically a great invention that reduces the consumption of fuel. Sun’s energy is renewable. Its energy cannot be terminated any of the ways. There are many award-winning inventions in solar devices. Stella the first solar-powered car is fits for the small family which is an ideal family. It will soon get a license to run on the roads. The team of the engineers is seriously involved in making the car more comfortable and sophisticated.

Whenever a new product or vehicle is launched, its price tag is a bit high. In the same way, this car is dear to car lovers. But soon it can be accessible to everyone who wants to have it. It is not made of machine. It is made out of hands. Engineers assembled it rather making it out of machine. Hand made things are costlier than machine made since they are made out of turmoil. There is a greater responsibility on the makers of Stella since they have to dedicate a car that can be easily accessible to buy and with more features and should match the features of traditional fuel-based cars.

The solar-powered car is set on the stage for the viewers to see and suggest anything to the makers of the same. There is always a room on the top for improvement. If it is not so, the world would not be stuffed with these many new things around us. Solar panels are set on the top of the car. The design will be moderated and more efficient compared to the earlier one. Stella produces more power than it uses and this is the best part of it. The car weighs approximately 380 kg and is 1,120 kg less than the traditional electric car. The cells they have used to absorb solar energy costs 2,581 pounds.

If the supply of any product increases, the cost of the product decreases. Let us hope that the cost of the car may soon reduce so that it would win every one’s heart. This is called as energy positive car since it takes less energy and produces more energy. This is the winning idea behind the project. There were some solar-powered versions were released in the market but were not successful unfortunately. But this version have all the features to win the show.

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