First official images: Citroen C3 - 2009

First official images: Citroen C3 – 2009

From November 2009, the Citroen C3 in the market. We had the looks, in fact, already, but Citroen sent us this morning the official images.
The Citroen C3 must be 2 million times over the start, about the same as its predecessor. Before that, Citroen car young, dynamic and intelligently made. The quality of materials is higher than before and the styling is smoother. The intelligent architecture must ensure that the interior is maximized, while the car on the outside not astoronomische sizes available also in the city belonging.
The luggage compartment is 300 liters, which is not particularly large, but you should of course continue to take into account that this is a small cart goes. 300 liters seems best to me okay. Citroen has a special Zenith-windscreen the car installed, which should provide a better view, but also the light controls. Citroen itself speaks about a sense of unlimited view in HD. And if you look at the pictures, you see indeed that the windshield is enormous.
The car must be modern, so the options, which should participate. Citroen offers a new MP3 audio system with USB and iPod input for C3. Furthermore, the optimized GPS and creates hi-fi system for fun on the go.
The entry level engine is the 90 HDi FAP, which has 99 grams of CO2 emissions. From 2011 emissions would be reduced further by the implementation of a Start / Stop system. Petrol fans can opt for a new generation of three cylinders, 100 grams of CO2 emissions. About the performance, unfortunately, still no word.

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