First Audi Prototype with Solar Batteries Integrated into Panoramic Roof – Soon to Arrive

Audi announced a collaboration with Alta Devices, a subdivision of the Chinese energy concern Hanergy, to deploy solar batteries in the panoramic roofs of its cars.

The solution aims to contribute primarily to expanding the range of car models with hybrid and electric propulsion systems.

At an initial stage Audi and Hanergy will apply thin elements produced by Alta Devices in California in the structure of the panoramic glass roofs. In the future, however, it is planned to completely cover the surface with solar batteries.

The energy generated by these elements will be stored in the central automotive electrical system. This will be used, for example, in the air conditioning or heating system, therefore positively affecting the efficiency of the electric vehicle by increasing its autonomy.

Eco-friendly electricity will be produced with the help of innovative solar batteries. Their yield exceeds 25 percent, being very thin and flexible. They are also capable of performing reasonably well even under poor lighting conditions or high temperatures.

In another stage of the future, the accumulated solar energy will not only provide power to the electrical systems on board the cars, but will also charge the batteries which an electro-mobile needs to actually run.

The first prototype of a car with such a panoramic roof, equipped with new solar batteries, will be presented by the end of 2017. Audi has not said yet which model exactly will have this honor.

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