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Finally! Gran Turismo 5 is on November 2

After many years waiting for the sequel to GT4, there’s finally a new release date for Gran Turismo 5. Many look forward to it, because of its high degree of finish, game design and gameplay.

The game comes in the United States on November 2 last on the shelves when the game will be launched in Europe is not yet known. But through online shops and Ebay you can do around that time also managed to get a copy. Target price there is $ 60, here would be asked the same amount in euros.

For the launch is immediately released a special edition, which one must cough up $ 99. In exchange you get a scale model of the Nissan GT-R Spec-V, a keychain and some special cars in the game. For a die-hard fan, this Gran Turismo Special Edition a must, sporadic racing fans will be more than enough fun with the regular version.

Supersport cars, ordinary sports cars, NASCAR cars, muscle cars, hybrid cars, almost everything is available in Gran Turismo 5, resulting in hours of fun racing. There are 1000 cars available, of which 170 were added for the fifth edition. With these cars you will have the qualities of GT5 better brands because the damage to your car you would be seen from the interior. The other 830 units are imported from previous versions of Gran Turismo, but nobody bothered to be rejected.

Also a useful feature in GT5 is that you no longer need to listen to annoying music during the race cars, you can simply the music on your PS3 is using perfect form of entertainment so. Finally we give some new trailers which launched at the E3 show in Los Angeles.

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