Fiat reveals the Panda 4x4 SUV

Fiat reveals the Panda 4×4 SUV

Fiat has unveiled the new 4×4 version of the hottest urban SUV, the Fiat Panda 4×4. However, the Fiat Panda has a few characteristic properties which make it an off road SUV more than an urban SUV. On the exterior front, the Panda 4 x 4 looks totally different and resembles an oversized hatch back. The designing has been done keeping in mind the ergonomics and as a result the Panda 4 x 4 is quite a performer.

The Panda 4×4 has a special body layer, an increase in the ride height, special 15 inch tin sports rims and an air intake facility of 700 mm. However, these are just the exterior modifications and on an overall front the vehicle packs in a lot more internal modifications. The Panda 4 x 4 closely resembles the Land Rover Sport range and as a result the vehicle shows a lot of promise on road.

The 4×4 feature has been named the Torque On Demand and the vehicle features electronic controlled coupling as well as traction control for the front wheel. The vehicle handles depending on the road conditions and the system constantly monitors the minor changes in the road surface. The electronic stability control also features a differential locking alternative which works till a speed limit of 30 MPH.

The Panda 4×4 also features a shorter transmission system with perfect power to weight ratio and the gear shift ratios are shorter and as a result the vehicle features better acceleration. However, the twist in the story comes with the fact that the Panda 4×4 features an advance suspension system which absorbs most of the bumps and shocks that the terrain presents and as a result it performs exceptionally on track.

The Fiat Panda 4×4 can give stiff competition to the Nissan Qashqai, MINI Country man and the Land Rover Sport. The Panda 4×4 is a new addition to the segment of luxury off roader SUVs and this is good news for off road enthusiasts as well as car buffs. There have been no recent launches like the Panda 4×4 and this provides the perfect balance between the thrill of driving and comfort.

Ride quality is beyond question and the comfort is unquestionable. The handling is modest for an SUV and it feels a little uncomfortable while taking corners. This is a standard SUV feature and therefore can be happily ignored. However a great amount of body roll means that the vehicle cannot take sharp corners fast and as a result track tests were troublesome. The vehicle is powered by a 1.3 liter twin turbo charged diesel engine displacing 74 BHP and this is enough to tackle most terrains.

The Twin Air technology provides the perk and the five speed manual transmission is a positive aspect of this vehicle. However, the engine is not as smooth as expected and speeds above 70 MPH create an uneasy noise for the driver and passengers.

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